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  • 21 Voices: Touched by Alzheimer's
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21 Voices: Touched by Alzheimer's

Through the power and scope of film, music, art and media, 21Voices.org aims to drive awareness, understanding and compassion to serious social and health issues like Alzheimer's disease.

21 Voices: Touched by Alzheimer’s will feature twenty-one interviewees, each chosen for their distinct purview and experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia including patients, families, caretakers, first responders and researchers. The documentary will take viewers inside the homes of those afflicted and into the world of the caretakers and family members coping with the unpredictable and often frightening nature of how the symptoms manifest.  

We will showcase the senior care facilities and the unsung heroes on the front lines of caring for our aging, as well as include the voices of preeminent scientists and researchers at the cutting-edge of science seeking a cure. The film will also look at the larger societal impact as our population’s life expectancy increases, as well as confront the stigmas, myths and mysteries associated with dementia and mental related illnesses. 

21Voices.org Making a difference in the Alzheimer's community.

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21Voices: Touched by Alzheimer's (Trailer)

21 Voices is a non-profit organization and documentary film committed to broadening the conversation about Alzheimer's Disease and shining a light on the devastating emotional and financial ripple eff…


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