PBE Films is shooting a film profiling master glass blower Kelly O'Dell

PBE Films is prepping to shoot a short film profiling master glass blower Kelly O'Dell, currently an artist in residence at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  She is currently creating an exhibit called "All of the Suddens" that opens at PGC on October 5.  Tom Kurlander is directing.

It is an exploration of existence and extinction, of preservation and decay, inspired by the changing of the seasons in the Pacific Northwest after growing up in the perpetual summer of the Hawaiian Islands. The focal point of the exhibit is a piece entitled “Critical Masse.” Comprised of 13 endangered species mounted on the wall in clusters, these “Ghost Animals” mimic hunting trophies displayed in a game room and are intended to highlight the 100 to 1,000 species that are lost per million per year, primarily due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change. In an effort to inspire daily habits that are forward-thinking and environmentally-mindful, O’Dell seeks to bring attention to the transience and vulnerability of the earth and all who live upon it through the fragility.

" While I feel a responsibility to what is becoming lost or extinct in this world, I am constantly reminded of my own mortality. I am both fascinated and crushed that our presence as one species so greatly impacts the delicate balance of life. Through glass and mixed media sculpture, my work seems to carry the common thread of ‘Memento Mori.’ … As we learn ways to tread more lightly on our shared planet, we make room for improvement on bleak predictions of extinction. We can share our knowledge, heed science, and make changes in our daily lives to make this transient hour lead to a decent life for our children. There is still much work to be done," said Kelly O'Dell.

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